Fiding a place to play bocce can tough sometimes. This page should help you find a good place to play!!

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When using a public court don't forget to leave the court the way you found it. Keeping the court clean and safe is important for everyone that uses it. A personal injury on the court could result in a lawsuit and this would be bad for everyone involved. While a Los Angeles injury attorney could help you in your case it is still better to avoid the injury in the first place.


CANADA Locations are here!
Ontario, Canada












Marina Pk. 

24802 Marina Hills Drive

Laguna Nigel, CA 










Some yachts are big enough to play bocce ball on, particularly luxury boats in Florida. Just make sure you always follow the boat and yacht safety rules.



         1 Court (For tournaments, 3 temporary grass courts are added)

         Hogin Park, 14th and Valley, Marion, Indiana

        Facebook: Marion Bocce Ball

        Contact: Brian Sprayue: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Marion Parks Department: Belinda Hussong, Director: 765-662-9931, Option 4



Bocce ball is a fun pastime in New York, but so is boating when the weather permits. Keeping the maintenance up to date on your boat or yacht can mean more time to play bocce ball!




           South Carolina